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The Historic Gardener as a Regency Head Gardener.

I provide talks and displays on Historic Gardening.

I have an MA in Garden History worked for many years as a Head Gardener, which gives me a great deal of experience working in gardens and presenting them to the public. Later I taught horticulture at a college.

I am interested in the history of the design of gardens, but my main interest is in the plants and how and why they were grown.

I designed and set out the Medieval Gardens at the Prebendal Manor, Nassington, Northants. UK.

I still help to maintain the gardens and give garden tours for group visits.

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  1. Janet Tysoe says:

    I was interested in your article about the Menagerie at Horton House. I am not sure if there is more than one house at Horton. My Grandfather Colin Tysoe,worked at Horton House as a gardener, his son my father Derick Tysoe was born there, I can remember him telling me that as a child my father was given a parrot as a gift, that to me was an expensive gift, unless of course it had been a part of the Menagerie, I know that my father was the only child on the estate and was a little spoilt. My grandparents had to leave the house when it was sold, my father was twelve at the time, when they moved to Leagrave. It is strange that in later life I retrained as a gardener, and have just retired from working in the walled garden that belonged to Stockwood House, which again the beautiful house was purchased by Luton Borough Council, and demolished in the seventies. I noticed on one site it said that the gardens which were attached to the menagerie were open to the public, do you know if this still the case?

    • It is probably the same garden Janet. The menagerie is across the park from the house which was demolished. do you have any photos of the house or people who worked there? I am compiling a history for Northants Gardens Trust.
      The Menagerie used to be open quite regularly, but it doesnt seem to be anymore. If you go to my web site – http://www.historicgardener.co.uk – you can send a private message and I could send a few photos of the menagerie for you.

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